Thursday, August 07, 2008

Words of the World

Fourteen-year-old Aida Villarreal-Licona blogged for the young feminist magazine New Moon about her experiences at the Women's World Congress in Madrid. This month, read her entries in full! (Click on a link and scroll down to see the complete entry.)

Tuesday, July 8: "My name is Aida, and for the next week or so I'm going to be reporting from the 2008 Women's World Congress (Mundo de Mujeres) in Madrid, Spain. You may be wondering what exactly that is. The Women's World Congress is a meeting that brings together women and girls from all over the world to discuss issues that involve them." Read more.

Wednesday, July 9: "Beside me sat seven year-old Mbabazi [pictured above.] Mbabazi was lying on the steps, drawing pictures. She told me that she lives in Uganda with her mom, dad, and brother. I met her mother who is the Head of the Gender Mainstreaming Division in Kampala, Uganda." Read more.

Thursday, July 10: "Madrid has a lot of character. [...] People pose as statues, which you may have seen in other cities. There are flamenco dancers, musicians of all kinds, magicians, shops, and so many people. You can buy something like a waffle cone dipped in chocolate with whipped cream while you wander the cobblestone streets." Read more.

Tuesday, July 15: "Somaly Mam is an activist from Cambodia. Her work is to speak out against modern day slavery and the trafficking of human beings. She has experienced being sold herself, but she got free and has devoted her life to speaking out against this injustice." Read more.

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esk said...

This is such an effective way to connect women and girls from all over the world to discuss issues that involve us.

I especially enjoyed Aida's post about her experience meeting a young girl from Uganda and an Ambassador from the West Sahara Refugee Camp. What a great way to raise awareness about global activism.

I amazed that Aida's only 14; what an opportunity and tremendous experience!

Thanks for sharing.